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Youth Activists Initiative Organization (YAIO) is a non-profit making organization, which was formed in 2003 as a movement for youth activists. YAIO got registered under the Trustees Incorporated Act, Cap, 5:03 in 2013. The organization is also registered with the Department of youth. Since its establishment, the organization has been implementing different community development projects aimed at empowering young people with information and skills on HIV/AIDS and Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH), Human rights, Education, Career Guidance and conflict management issues. The organization uses a lesson for life approach which it developed, an approach which creates a platform for young people and community to discuss issues affecting them in groups and come up with solutions to the issues through engagement and dialogue with stakeholders. Our Partnership extends to 1. Strategies for Hope Trust (SfHT) , 2. MISEREOR, 3. Tilitonse Fund, 4. Malawi Health Equity Network (MHEN), 5. Malawi Alcohol Policy Alliance (MAPA), 6. Youth Consultative Forum (YCF), 7. Malawi network of aids service Organization (MANASO) and 8. Malawi Scotland Partnership (MASP). YAIO is affiliated to 1. Blantyre City Council, 2. Social welfare office, 3. Department of Youth and 4. Government of Malawi department responsible for registration.

Vision & Mission Statements

VISION - A society where young people are valued, respected and included in decision making processes.

MISSION - To undertake research and disseminate information on issues that affects and threatens the lives of the young people.

Our Objectives

To advocate for the rights and welfare of the young people

To empower young people with knowledge and information on HIV/AIDS and Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) and services.

To raise awareness on the effects of climate change.

To promote equitable access to quality education services for young people.


Translation & Dissemination of Called to Care Manual No.8

Book awareness session targeting youth groups in Blantyre held at the Blantyre City Council

Lesson for Life - Called to Care Project

Training of Trainers Using Called to Care Handbook No.10 (Parenting: A Journey of Love) held at Mbayani School in Blantyre

Translation & Dissemination of Called to Care Manual No.10

Book awareness session using Kukhala Kholo: Ulendo Wachikondi handbook in Mulanje District

Increasing Young People's Participation & Voice in Blantyre City

Lobbying Meeting Between Young People & Duty Bearers in Blantyre Central Ward


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YAIO Training Workshop

Lesson for Life - Called to Care Training Workshop held in Ndirande Township

Training of Trainers

Training of Trainers on how to use Kukhala Kholo handbook in Mulanje - Mkanda area ( Translation and Dissmenination of Called to Care Manual No.10.

Young Peoples Participation

Increasing young peoples participation and voice in Blantyre City.

Translation and Dissemination of Called to Care Manual No.8

Monthly Field Visit to see how young people are using the information from Moyo Wanga - Kuyambira Pano handbook in Chiladzulo - Namanla Village ( Translation and Dissemination of Called to Care Manual No.8.

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Address : PO Box 2925, Blantyre, Malawi, Central Africa.

Phone : +265 (0)1 828 965, 884 646 481, 882 888 256.

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